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8 Fast Facts About Ceramic Tile Flooring

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When it comes to ceramic tile flooring, we suggest considering your lifestyle, needs, and budget. Many homeowners choose ceramic tile as it offers an upscale, customizable appearance, and because it’s durable, low maintenance, and easy to clean. There’s a lot to think about, and our shopper-friendly showroom is full of ideas. Our expert sales team will provide a free in-home estimate and help you find the right tile flooring for your home—schedule an appointment online. Here, we present some facts to consider before purchasing ceramic tile for your home:

  1. The demand for decorative tile is expected to rise nearly 10 percent this year.
  2. Most of the common ceramic floor tiles have either a glazed or unglazed surface. Glazed tile floors are particularly stain and scratch resistant, and don’t fade from sunlight.
  3. Most ceramic flooring tiles come in 12- or 18-inch sizes. Stick to smaller tiles for small rooms and larger for big rooms.
  4. The larger the square, the less busy a room looks. However, larger tiles may overpower a room’s décor.
  5. Placing tiles on a diagonal adds visual interest.
  6. Although different types of tile floors require various cleaning methods, spills should always be wiped up as soon as possible. Use a broom or a vacuum without a beater bar attachment for weekly care. Damp or dry mopping works for all types of tile. Professional cleaners will be able to restore the luster of tile if needed.
  7. Tile is waterproof. However, the grout lines between tiles are especially susceptible to water, stains, mold, and mildew. Be sure to seal the grout lines on a regular basis to protect them from damage. You can remove stains and clean the grout with a paste of equal parts water and baking soda.
  8. Tile works great for bathrooms, kitchens, and halls. If you’re considering installing a ceramic tile floor in the basement, the best option is to lay it directly on the cement—not on a wood base.

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